Monopoly’s Are Definitely Not Good (But, God Damn, Do I Want One).

Alright, look. I live in New York. Maybe a person living in the second largest market for anime and consumerism shouldn’t be the spokesdude for this. What I mean is, I have access to pretty much any anime on stream right now. I know Crunchyroll and other streaming sites withhold animes in certain areas, copyrights, money, blah blah blah, but not really where I am. Also, I did bare minimum research for this, so please feel free to yell at me for anything I got wrong or didn’t understand.

That being said, this whole multiple streaming service tactic really isn’t working out. Between Crunchroll, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. we are just missing out on all this good shit. Normally, this wouldn’t be a conversation except for these three factors.

One, there’s already too much anime being released. Animators are paid like shit, have to put in massive hours, and the demand is only increasing. An animator from Twitter did an interview about it and I highly recommend looking it up if you haven’t seen it yet. If all the anime put out each season was solid gold, maybe we could be civilized and discuss alternate strategies for keeping up with demand. In reality, a good season consists of 50% overflowing, liquid shit just fuckin’ pouring out of the production companies mouths. So the time for civility is kind of over in that regard.

Two, places are hoppin’ on with their exclusive animes, buying up all the god damn rights even though THEY CAN’T CONSISTENTLY PUT IT OUT. I’m looking at you Amazon! Sword Oratoria was already a shit show that I barely wanted to watch after episode 4 and now I have to wait for delayed episodes every other week (For fuckin real though, I just wanted to see more Bell and Hestia. Can’t you just give me that?)? Get your shit together people. The Crunchyroll-Funimation deal should’ve crushed the competition anyway, why are people resisting? Also, for the love of christ, would someone let Netflix know that simulcasts exist and are, in fact, the preferred method by literally everyone else on the planet who watches anime.

Thirdly, I am a huge believer in supporting the anime industry. I’m fine with paying $7-$15 a month. But Amazon Strike requires Amazon Prime plus $5, Netflix and Hulu are what, $10 a month? and Crunchyroll is $7. No sane person would have 4+ subscriptions when they only want one show on each medium. ‘Well, we have it exclusively. If they want to watch THIS show they will have to pay.’ Are companies actually thinking that people will pay if they have to? THEY’LL JUST PIRATE THE DAMN THING. The money doesn’t even go to the studios we love. It goes to the producers, but maybe that would trickle down if the shows were actually being paid for instead of pirated. And maybe the shows wouldn’t be pirated if everything was easy-peasy accessible like it should be! Some shows just don’t get picked up. I don’t even know what to do with that.

I don’t think monopolies are generally a good thing. But the reason they’re bad is usually to prevent price controlling and lack of innovation. Crunchyroll is the biggest streamer right now, and they charge the lowest price (other streamers may give more than just anime but, anime is expensive to make). Simulcasts and simuldubs are pretty much all there can be. I think, and hear me out, mayyybe we let this one sliiiiiide. Let’s not say they’re a monopoly. Let’s just give EVERYONE the rights to anime and we’ll see who wins… Make it like a World Egg from SAO situation. Ya feel me?

To the curious, this all started because I wanted to watch Kakegurui and Fate Apocrypha. But fuck me, I guess. Luckily, certain sites had an angel that decided to pick up Kakegurui translations, but there haven’t been any takers for Fate yet that I’ve seen thus far. That’ll probably change. It’s a popular franchise. I mean, there are tons of other underlying issues and frustrations with streaming that I’m sure a lot of people are aware of but this was the ahoge that broke the camel’s back for me.

Edit: Apocrypha was acually picked up almost immediately after I posted this. So yeah. I think the points still stand though.

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