Tsuki ga Kirei Review, on the fly

Anime: Tsuki ga Kirei

Eps: 12                         MyAnimeList Score: 7.98/10

TL;DR Alright, you got me. It was pretty fucking cute. There’s just no way though those middle-school students are that mature. The ending was a cop-out.

I am currently writing this at 5:10 am because I recently watched the last episode of the show, so forgive me if I appear more stark-raving mad than I usually do. Also, no time for pictures. Just words.

Firstly, I think this whole season was a bit lackluster. Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia were my favorites but that doesn’t really count cause they’re the goddamn juggernauts. A lot of the SoLs like Hinako Note and Sakura Quest didn’t seem really interesting, KADO turned into a bit of a shit show, and Alice and Zorouku was slightly above meh. Tsuki ga Kirei was probably the best that was out there.

I’ve watched a friend run out of a room because they were too terrified the performing magician would call on them to be a participant. That pales in comparison to the sliceable tension between Akane and Azumi. Awkward. As. Fuck. Holy shit, I’ve never felt more uncomfortable seeing two people talking. It’s so real and the development from episode 1 to 12 is one of the best fucking transitions I’ve ever seen. I also really enjoyed the separate friend group dynamic. When they’d fuck off during school to their respective groups, watching their individual interactions was another plus of the show. Those bonus stories at the end of each episode were really neat too. Except for that weird teacher-student thing…

I think they copped out a bit at the end though. Are you honestly, honestly going to tell me that an aspiring writer and avid user of the internet has no idea that you can post stories online? And the very first time he does it’s immediately picked up by Chinatsu and shown to Akane who then comments with the username ‘Akane’ and Azumi IMMEDIATELY knows it’s her? B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. I think they prioritized the happy ending and the cuteness over a solid base. Yeah, I get it. He writes. Yeah, I know. She realized everything was going to be all right because of the writing. Bleghhhhhh. You couldn’t get sappier if I banged my head against a tree until sap came out and then drank it.

The overall positivity really got to me. Listen, I’ve been in middle school. I know what those heathens in there are like. My middle school had a pantsing problem for a whole year. Are you seriously telling me that in Japan everyone is that mature? Adults I know can’t even handle that level of relationship-ing. Here, you have a girlfriend for 5 years and you move two houses down to be closer to your favorite deli meat counter and next thing you know she breaks up with you because you’re too far apart.

‘It’s just not gonna work out. Goodbye.’

‘What are you talking about? I can see your fucking house from the deli meat shop!’

‘Stop it. It’s just not gonna work with this distance.’

Both start walking in the same direction.

‘Aww, come the fuck on!’

I hope LINE becomes the new Google. With that much advertising, at least a spike in membership. I feel like I missed out on half the show because I’m not up to date on Japanese memes. Those fucking stickers they sent each other were the strangest but, somehow, most on point things I’ve ever seen in my life.

I enjoyed the end though. The momentum building up throughout the whole show finally paying off was a glorious moment. Hira got to confess, Chinatsu got to confess, and they both got to get rejected. Puts me right back in middle-school. A cesspool of hormones. I think that’s important though. The show was unreal in its portrayal of kids, I think, but the message and execution is still golden and that’s why it was such a good watch. Closure is often overlooked. Even if you know the outcome, even if it feels like saying what’s on your mind is 100% pointless, it’s still better than never knowing. Love can be frustrating. Both Azumi and Akane got their chances to lash out at the other, but the episode always ended with the fight being resolved.

Granted, in real life, the chances of maintaining a solid friend group after that shit goes down is almost nonexistent. Probably still worthwhile to say what you’re thinking. Never know what the outcome could be. Maybe it’ll even turn out that you meet a new girl in the deli-meat store.

Alright, that’s all. Just some stray thoughts. Fuck off now.



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