Weekly Roundup, 7/24 – 7/30

Here we are once again. My roundup of my favorite (and not so favorite) thoughts and moments from this week of anime.

It was a rough week.

What I’m keeping up with:

Watching 7.30.png

Top 3

  1. Ballroom e Youkoso
  2. Gamers!
  3. The Reflection

Bottom 3

  1. Aho-Girl
  2. Chronos Ruler
  3. Angels 3Piece

Favorite Episode – Ballroom e Youkoso (ep. 5 Specifically)

The only hard part about this decision was whether to choose episode 4 or episode 5 since both were put out this week. The dynamic action of episode 4 was definitely a sight to behold, but episode 5 was more dynamic in its meaningfulness. From Shizuku casting aside Kiyoharu to Tatara getting Mako as his new dance partner, there was just so much going on. What sealed the deal for me was when Tatara went super saiyan? and read Mako’s mind, spelling out the phrase that was in her head.

LIKE WHAT!? That’s so cool. Seeing the contrast of how clumsy he is vs how perceptive he can really be is a great insight into his character.Ballroom super saiyan

Plus, this is basically the kickoff of his career. Kiyoharu challenges Tatara to meet him again on the battlefield¬†dance-floor and Tatara and Mako vow to make Gaju shut up for tossing aside partners like they’re nothing more than roadblocks getting in his way.

This is exciting for another reason too. Tatara is used to shadowing Kiyoharu and pretending he’s dancing with Shizuku. Now, with Mako, he has to dance on his own with Ballroom tripa body type that is completely different from what he’s used to. It feels like this episode is the start of everything. I know he was tasked with protecting Shizuku, but the fact that he ends up with Mako needed to happen to spur on his dance abilities. I kind of hope he stays with Mako anyway. She’s adorable and her talent is obviously there but it’s much closer to his range than Shizuku’s was. Pairing up with someone just beyond your level is significantly more helpful than matching up a talented newbie and an experienced genius.

Favorite Moment – Jeanne D’Arc’s Leap of Faith¬†

Jeanne’s had a rough time these past few years, to put it lightly. Her son was forced to live with demons and sold off to slavery. Then he was saved by a higher-up demon and he watched him commit atrocities against humankind. Then he was saved again, but immediately captured and brought to heaven where he hit puberty and became an angsty teenager hell-bent on doing everything his own way. Oh, then he escapes heaven and is hell-bent on ending a war by himself. For the love of god, someone get this kid a twitter account.

Poor Jeanne. So, when she’s told by Gabriel that she can’t help search for him, because she’ll be in the way, she’s a bit… uh… angry. All of this culminates into her just saying ‘fuck it’ and nose-diving off of heaven. Granted, she knew Sofiel would save her. Still really badass though. The bond between a mother and son at its finest. Jeanne has been very passive so far so to see her do this got me really excited.Bahamut drop

Least Favorite Episode – Chronos Ruler

I knew this wasn’t going to be a good show the moment it took all of episode 1 and Victo using speed-up to defeat one horologue, but c’mon guys. Really? She stabbed him in the heart in front of his wife to ‘fix’ his Chronos and was only testing him the whole time? She couldn’t just say, ‘Oh, let me fix this for you.’ Fine, whatever. None of this makes sense anyway.

Chronos punch

I feel like he’s really breaking the 4th wall in this scene. Way to nail exactly what I’m feeling.


Victo needs the unique chronos to live because it’s the only one that can affect humans. The goddess in training needs it to wipe out the remaining horologues that the god Chronos couldn’t defeat. VICTO needs to defeat a single horologue (granted, a strong one) to Chronos testregain his time.

So couldn’t the goddess easily take the unique chronos out of him, freeze his time to almost nothing so it doesn’t leak out, and just defeat the horologues?


Even if she can’t, tell me why because that seems like a pretty clear-cut plan to me. Maybe I missed something, but this show seems poorly enough written that it would overlook a serious plot hole like that. Putting goddesses in as characters almost never goes well. Why do you think Madoka didn’t become one until the end and Haruhi didn’t know? So the plot wouldn’t get fucked.

Worst Moment – Tsurezure Children, Sugawara Gives Up


Tsure giving up 2



Something I’m Worried About – Over-ambition in Made in Abyss

While watching the newest episode, I had a thought. Then, the next day, my friend had a similar thought. To sum those thoughts up, why is everyone just letting them go and what kind of voodoo plot are they going to need to concoct to make this work out?

Made in Abyss warning

Is it? Is it really though?!


First of all, they’re children. Kinda. I don’t know what Reg is yet. He might not age. But still, first Leader, then Nat and friends, and now Habo. Umm, no WHITE WHISTLE has gone down as far as they want to go and come back. Either, there’s a really cool party going on down there or they’re dead. So, why would Leader let them go? Do they need a vacancy at the adoption house? He says he’ll chase her, but he knew they were leaving. He left a note with Reg about it. I don’t understand why everyone is ok with this.Made in Abyss bug

On a side note, Reg and Riko are about to get to level 2. How will they survive? Without a time skip or any special training, I’m very worried about how this show will play out. I’ve seen anime before start off strong, get too ambitious and then collapse. I’m not saying it’s likely that it will happen now, especially with how well animated the show is and how big of a budget it seems to have, but I can’t help but feel a bit worried about what has to be done to make ends meet and how inexperienced they are.

The suspension of disbelief can be broken and to break that is to ruin this beautiful, beautiful universe they have crafted so elegantly. Hopeful but skeptical.

Whelp, that’s it for this week. Lot of good stuff happened, some bad stuff was tossed in, some worrisome stuff has entered my peripherals. I’m pretty pessimistic though. I’m sure it’ll all be fine. Don’t quote me on that though.

Reflection I-Guy

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