A Thought On Hajimete no Gal – What’s Beneath the Disco Ball?

Hajimete girls

Yesterday, episode 3 of Hajimete no Gal came out. After this episode, I like to think I finally understand what point the show is trying to make.

If there even is one.

Maybe I’m reading into it too much and giving credit where it’s underserved.

It looks as if the show is going for a statement on not judging a book by its cover. And, obviously, the best way to push that through is by drowning us in ecchi. Why else would you pay attention?

Episode 3 has brought to light a lot of contrast between physical appearance and the emotional tendencies of the characters. Junichi, despite really only looking at Yame’s boobs and constantly thinking about sex, manages to fend off Ranko coming onto him when he recalls Yame calling his name. He’s willing to wait for the girl he likes. That’s actually surprising that he did that. Maybe that small flare of self-awareness the show has actually paid off in this case.

Hajimete Junichi.jpg

Behold! The intricate, inner monologue of a teenage boy and his hormones.

Yame, of course, appears to be an easy girl but has been shown to be quite reserved and bashful when it comes to those types of activities. I honestly can’t believe she even went as far as to ring the doorbell, wait, barge in, and then take off her shoes when she came in to Junichi’s house. This, while she witnessed what looked like her boyfriend either cheating on her or getting raped by her best friend. Situations like that usually don’t require such discretion.

Ranko… I think is just a slut. But she’s very protective and also shows off her cute, innocent side when it comes to her feelings for Yame. That signals that she’s looking out for her friends and still has some idea of one day falling in love and settling down. Possibly a statement against being a conceited bitch and deserting friends/ruining your life to have sex with men. Hoes over bros, in this case?

Then we see Kashii, the popular girl in class and probably the class rep too but I dislike this show enough to not fact check, spying on Junichi and Ranko ‘wrestling’ in front of the school. Making a less than innocent face, she spouts disparaging remarks about him paying attention to anyone else but her. We can see how her nice girl attitude may just be a ruse after all. Incoming yandere? Are those snake hair pieces? Sengoku? Oh shit.Hajimete Yui

Now, this could all be bullshit. Nene seems pretty straightforward and all of Junichi’s friends, as detestable as they are, also seem pretty set in stone as characters. I’m pretty sure that one fat guy has included elementary school girls in every line he’s had so far in the anime. And it’s never once been funny. I did chuckle at the karaoke xxx rules though. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Nene turned out to be a huge sex freak despite the innocent appearance.

The show’s still not good and it’s not my intention to support this dumpster fire in any way. Appropriating a theme to conform to what I’ve watched is more like a coping mechanism. It doesn’t particularly change how poorly executed the entire show is. In fact, it might make it worse.

Yame is supposed to be some sort of ‘breaking of the stereotype’ but they still do constant panty shots and sexualize her out the wazoo. Ranko’s school uniform is just a bra and skirt and she likes having ‘quickies’ with guys. Junichi is still more or less the generic, pervert MC that you’ve probably seen reincarnated many times over.

One thing is for sure. I’ll never look at a disco ball the same way again. Thanks for that, Crunchyroll. There goes my career of dancing solely to Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees at underground 70’s imitation clubs every Thursday morning.

I think I’ve made this point before but saying, “Don’t worry, I’m an asshole”, doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole. Being marginally self-aware and pushing a message, even ironically, doesn’t really make my opinion of the show rise any higher.

I’m not that easy! YOU HEAR ME ANIME INDUSTRY! I’M NOT THAT EASY!Hajimete face

Eh, maybe I am. Hopefully, the show changes in positive ways. After all, there are only three episodes out. But, I really, really doubt that.


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