Angel’s 3Piece Episode 1 + 2 Thoughts – Can you hire a new episode titler?

Honesty is the best policy. I watched this show for two reasons. First, a good music anime is usually great and they are a bit hard to come by. Second, sometimes it’s nice to stick with shows because they end up surpassing your expectations.

I don’t think either of those options is in the cards for this particular program. Actually, this show is kind of gross. If you don’t know why let me explain. Fanservice is a much bigger part of this show than it should be. Well, a show about three elementary school girls just shouldn’t have it in the first place. Now, to be fair, maybe it’s an ironic commentary on how sex sells like how In Another World With My Smartphone comments on making your character completely over-powered. Why is Shinobu fine but this makes you uncomfortable, for example. That’s highly suspect though.

3p ep 2 self aware

great, they’re self-aware now too.


Episode two (or the end of episode one) starts with Nozomi, the most mature of the group, offering to let Kyo use her if he agrees to promote the concert. After a weirdly drawn-out pause, the other two girls also offering, and Kyo not refusing, it is clarified that they meant the rare instruments they are holding. Whew, glad we cleared that up. What a wacky misunderstanding.

The other focus of this show is Kyo’s anxiety. He doesn’t go to school and only interacts with his sister. He gets tired just from going outside and has trouble talking to strangers. What better message to send than for his sister to shame him for daring to leave the house when she wanted to keep him company. What better message indeed.

Listen up rising population of Otaku in Japan. Not only does going outside mean you’ll meet loli’s but later your cute sister will take a bath with you because that really happens in the show. Kyo returns and takes a bath earlier than usual. Distraught, because it’s her bath time, Kurumi can find no other solution than to bathe with her brother. You can’t help but think this has some propagandistic message attached to it.

3p ep 2 bathOh, did I mention she hits him and calls him a pervert because she thinks he thought a dirty thought? Mmmm. My favorite trope. Abusive tsundere.

Now, we take a look at the whole. Let’s see here. Sexualizing elementary schoolers. Making fun of mental illnesses. Little to no music and the music that is played is just meh. Cool. Glad they’re in a church because someone needs to pray for this show.

In episode one, I did like some of the creative choices I saw as far as design went. Plus, it really isn’t easy to make a music anime. The balance between having good music, using it often enough, and having a plot too is extremely difficult. I’m sure you can imagine.

Making a joke about the anxiety is fine in doses because, at least, his classmate from middle-school is very warm about it. I just don’t get why they’d do it at all. Maybe something like to show you’re wanted everywhere you go? His sister at home and the outside world? Oh my god, are they using loli’s as a transitional phase? That would be amazing!

The biggest issue is the fan service. Do you get where I’m coming from? Maybe I’m in the minority on this. I don’t know about you, but I can confidently say I didn’t want to see the two panty shots thrown into episode two. There’s a limit to how many prison and authority jokes you can make too. I believe it’s 5 or 6 so far in only two episodes. Could be a nice drinking game.

Oh, and the episode titles. My lord. Someone needs to be stopped.

3p ep 2 title3p ep 1 title

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