Princess Principal Ep. 2 Thoughts – Deception. Deception everywhere.

An alluring driver, a magician/actor, a voice manipulator, a ninja with pickled radish eyebrows, and a Princess who wants to be Queen enter a bar and they’re all lolis… I’ll leave you to figure out a punchline.

Princess group.png

Episode 2 has rolled out and this time they took it a bit slower, which I thought was a nice change of tempo. Bring in the viewers with action then show them what being a spy is really all about. It can’t always be car chases in alleyways and brawling with soldiers from opposing factions. Sometimes, some good ol’ fashioned delegation and deception is required and, oh boy, is there a lot of deception.


PP ep 2

Most shows would give you a beach episode. A steampunk loli-goth show gives us a ballroom episode instead and I’m fine with that.

So. Much. Deceiving. Clumsy goofball by day and emotionless spy by night. Not to mention the princess. God damn. Did she say she wants to become Queen even though she’s fourth in line? This isn’t Royal Tutors. You’d definitely have to kill, maim or scandalize to go from 4th to 1st. And I think we all know that Ange would never actually kill the princess if she turns out to be a double agent. I peg her as the, not emotionless, but just concealing emotions type. Oh, kinda like an exaggerated version of Yukihira from Noucome. Oh shit, they look kind of alike too.

Anyway, one thing I liked about this episode was the development of comedy. There were a few times during the episode I actually laughed out loud. Unfortunately, that may not have been intended when I think about it. I may or may not have laughed when the Duke of Normandy shot someone at point blank range and then yelled, “Ah, he’s been shot! Search everyone. Now. I get why he did it, but it was funny as hell to me.

PP ep 2 4

We get to see how the group came together this episode. Although, Beatrice does NOT seem to want anything to do with this at the moment and we’re still missing the ninja!

PP ep 2 3

As far as characters go, this episode revolved around revealing new sides of Ange and the princess. By the way, why does everyone call her Princess? Even MyAnimeList just has ‘Princess’ as her name. Regardless, Ange’s ability to impersonate anyone, I think, deepens the idea that she’s ’empty’ from whatever happened in her past. It’s usually the characteristic given to someone who can, more or less, reflect other peoples personalities because they lack one themselves. I wonder what’ll happen to her emotionally speaking.

Small intricacies of being spies were also fun tidbits as in when Ange could tell Morgan’s entourage were soldiers by how fast they walked and general sleight of hand tactics. She also seemed to possess the ability to perform enhanced morse code. I say enhanced because she would signal light twice and the interpreter would somehow pull a whole paragraph out of it. Also debuted, the smallest handwriting ever. If spy work doesn’t pan out, she could at least be that person that writes your name on a grain of rice. I think that’s a lucrative field.

PP ep 2 9

I’m still enjoying the steampunk aspect of this show a lot. I thought I’d get my fill from Clockwork Planet but shoving gears in my face until I never want to see a clock again doesn’t really do it for me. The subtleness in this show is what makes it a success for me.

PP ep 2 2

One thing I hope they keep up is that both episode one and two ends with the super zoomed out shot of Ange in her special place to tie up any loose ends the rest of the episode didn’t answer. Just a little thing I continue to look forward to.


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