The Anime That… I NEED A Sequel For.

Ok, so I made this completely on the fly and was quickly, and very bitterly, reminded of just how many anime are cut off in their prime either due to budget or the fact that the only purpose was to attract attention to the reading source anyway.

These are some of the runner ups from shows I’ve watched and just felt either so shitty about the ending or that I was craving more of. It took me so long to decide. I haven’t eaten or moved in hours.

Kaze No Stigma, Katanagatari, Space Dandy, Akatsuki No Yona, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and Nana’s Buried Treasure. Now, some of these may not need sequels for whatever reason. Maybe the reading material actually ended there, gets significantly worse, or is hard to reproduce on screen. I get it.

Katanagatari and Space Dandy sequels would be incredibly entertaining. I left those shows feeling satisfied, but I could still go for more. Like when you see that last piece of cake. Sure, your stomach doesn’t need it but it’s worth risking throwing up for. Thankfully, to help along my lack of decision-making skills, this is an anime sequel I need.

So with some shows, like Akatsuki no Yona and Panty and Stocking, there really is a need for a sequel. Yona ended with the beginning of the plot and Panty and Stocking, well I just don’t know what the hell happened. If Berserk, with the quality it’s consistently put out, still has that devoted of a fan base I think these shows will do just fine no matter what happens.

Now, on to the winner. In the end, I just have to be a generic asshole and choose No Game No Life. Remember the height of the Madhouse curse? We lost a lot of good men back then. I’ve gotten shit from my friends for liking this anime, but they have to be in the minority, right? It’s probably in my top 5, definitely 10, of all time. Perhaps one of the reasons it’s so fresh on the mind is that there is a movie coming out that is a prequel to the show. A great thing to be happening, but they cut the original series at such a critical moment!

NGNL Header

For the uninformed, this show is an isekai centered around two siblings named Sora and Shiro. Back on earth they were called ‘Blank’ and were champions of gaming (and shut-ins with no lives. Those usually go hand-in-hand). Undefeated in their field, Sora is the smart brother who’s a master of psychology. Shiro is the socially incompetent loli sister that can calculate every move possible in a chess game before it even starts and learn languages in hours. These unproductive members of society attract the attention of Tet, the god of play, and he brings them into his world where games decide everything. Everything. As humans with no magic, or Imanity as they’re called in that world, it is up to Blank and a few friends to play some games and unite all 16 races to eventually challenge Tet in a giant game of chess. Hijinks and shenanigans ensue. Voila.

The ending of this show is… A cliffhanger does not even begin to describe it. After defeating a humanoid beast race, the first of the 16 to fall to them, the anime has about a minute clip after the credits which shows Sora and Shiro CHALLENGING THE GODS TO A GAME. And then it just cuts.

ngnl end

Skip to a few years later, I hear an announcement about the series is coming. That narrows it down to about three things. One, a sequel. Two, a movie of either new content or recaps. Three, god damn pachinkos. I wanted option one, obviously. I get two instead. That’s fine, just no recap. Well, it’s not a recap. It is, though, a prequel that takes place during the first war between the 16 races which ended up crowning Tet as the ruler. THEY KNEW WHAT WE WANTED. They even designed the characters of the movie to look almost identical to the cast in the show. That’s not an accident.

Personally, I found this show to be the perfect blend of romance, comedy, ecchi, and action. I’m aware that 90% of the show is exposition and the mental gymnastics you have to do to believe some of the far-fetched ideas that happen are massive flaws to some people. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately to you, I very much am a fan of that type of content. I find every character incredibly charming and the development of the story to be extremely endearing and exciting. Not to mention, the beautiful art style and a color scheme that equals or, dare I say, surpasses JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

It’s exactly what I wanted when I watched ‘Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?’ Oh. Maybe I should’ve chosen that show…


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