Anime vs Reality, Why I Love Anime

Anyone who’s watched anime has probably come across scenes like this. The show introduces something whether it be a new character, an animal, or a product and you pause for a minute.

“That’s… Not what that’s supposed to look like.”

And then you get over it and go back to watching the show because it’s anime and it’s awesome. Here are some examples of ones I could think of off the top of my head. I’ll put pictures first so you don’t have to read my opinion of why this is so important. (also this is all just a fun way for me to practice photoshopping)


Mozart VS. Fate/Grand Order Mozart


Kind of cheating, but ‘Toothless’ from How to Train Your Dragon VS Dragon Maid, Tohru


A fed-up stone angel statue VS. Ramiel, the 5th angel


Uexkull (Flip Flappers) VS. Bunny


Stolas, a ‘sociopathic anthropomorphic penguin’ (Renai Boukun) VS. a penguin


Hajime’s scissors, in Gatchaman (probably not how she’d use them) VS. regular scissors

Grocery shopping from Bento and Drills from Gurren Lagann.

This, for me, has always been the beautiful part about anime. CG animation just seems incapable of depicting things that our human brain already has a good grasp of. We all know what a moving human looks like so to see Kei from Ajin, Nagate from Knights of Sidonia, or (I shiver at the thought) Guts from Berserk walking around like stuttering puppets is just awful and triggers major red flags.

Anime, the more traditional style, is completely separate from reality. Anything goes. That’s even truer with cartoons. You wouldn’t look at a picture of Finn the Human and think, “What is this bullshit? His legs are way too long! There’s simply no way a human torso that short could hold all of the necessary internal organs needed for survival. Also, 3 fingers and a thumb? Ew, What’s up with that?” The same goes for anime.

The boundaries of the suspension of disbelief are considerably larger than live action series and CG productions because even the most basic thing, the human body, looks fundamentally different than in real life. Body designs are strange, hair is unnaturally colored, eyes are rounded and large (or like a dead fishes), etc.


The imitation of humans, like what they do in CG, crosses into the uncanny valley. We know they’re not real yet they look eerily similar. At the same time, there is something very off about their movements. This can be done well or poorly on top of that, but even the strongest 3D animations host a number of complaints about the quality.

As long as the universe has consistent rules that aren’t bent for convenience, *ahem* like maybe dying then coming back to life to kill the final boss and then re-dying but somehow continuing to live even though BOTH YOU AND ASUNA SHOULD BE DEAD YOU PIECE OF SHIT *ahem*, everything is hunky dory.

I feel like I get enough of real life just by living. Reading the front page of the news is about all the action, drama, and comedy I can take. I look to anime for escapism. So when I see a penguin repeatedly sexually harassing a middle-schooler, I am enthralled. Ok, that came out really wrong. I meant the gap in reality, not the harassment. Look, we don’t even know what the penguin is saying. After his lines, they always add ‘… Is what his eyes say’ to the end because, fun fact, penguins can’t talk. Who knows what he’s really thinking. Maybe he just wants a friend?

pengin renai boukun.png

Yeah, I’m sure it’s just a friend he wants.

Main point, the reason I love anime is that the universes and the characters and the struggles give me exactly what I need to have fun and also get invested. They connect to me. They have plots I’ve lived and plots I want to live. Characters I feel like I’ve met and characters I want to get to know better. Then, once I’m in it, incredible things happen. Battles, romances, real moments, comedy, and so much more. And the limit they can push it to is something far and beyond what I think any other type of medium could do for me. At least at this point.

I feel like this should have been my 1st post. It’s like I’m introducing myself. Hello there.


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