The Anime That… I’ve Re-watched the Most

Technically, it’s a tie. I’m not particularly proud of one though. At a total of 6 times each, my most watched anime are Irregular at Magic High School and Acchi Kocchi. I’ve definitely watched sections of other shows multiple times but, if we’re talking straight run-through, then these are the winners. I’m going to ignore Irregular. The reason I liked it was that it perfectly satisfied my OP MC cravings. Tatsuya is almost literally God in the show and never faces a single real obstacle. My otaku caveman side likes that. A lot.

Acchi Kocchi title.jpg

Instead, I want to talk about Acchi mothafuckin’ Kocchi. A rom-com SoL, kinda, featuring a main group of 5 friends. It’s such a light show. There are 12 episodes but it’s so fluffy it honestly feels like a lot less.

Acchi Kocchi.jpg

Real quick, here’s the group. We have Io who is incredibly smart, humble, charismatic, and talented at everything he does. Also, for some reason, is a magnet for cats. Tsumiki is an adorable girl who is hopelessly in love with Io and has inhuman physical abilities that manifest in a dark aura from time to time. Whenever she gets happy she magically sprouts cat ears out of her hair. Mayoi is a mischievous inventor who always comes up with just the WORST ideas, but they are always hilarious. Hime is an innocent airhead who is always amazed by the inhuman things the rest of the group can do. A regular girl in a world of monsters. Finally, there’s Sakaki the braggart who almost always ends up the butt of the joke. Also routinely comes up with awful ideas. There are a few other characters that appear numerous times, but this is the core group. And what a magnificent group it is.

I said it was kinda a Slice of Life before. That’s because underneath the normalness, everything is taken to an extreme. Io is great at pen spinning for example. So great, he creates gusts of wind in the classroom. Mayoi is amazing at inventions. So, during a festival, she builds a crepe stand that is solar powered, USB 3.0 compatible, and has a passive radar array to detect anyone using optic camouflage. At the school festival. Games of kick the can include people running on the walls and ceilings. Other than that though, everything’s pretty normal.

acchi kocchi 2.jpg

Left to Right: Mayoi, Tsumiki, Io, Hime, Sakaki

The comedy-romance ratio is so well done. The interspersed, serious romantic moments always hit ya in the feels and the overwhelming comedic tone of the show delivers with superb timing. I never get tired of it or feel excluded from the joke like I do in other comedy anime (Nichijou, for example). The layout of the show follows the A side, B side and the 2 mini plots never feel rushed and are all consistently great, in my opinion.

acchi kocchi 4.png

All-in-all, I keep re-watching this show because just writing about it makes me laugh. My only joy in life. My only one. But, anyway, enough about me. The romance doesn’t really develop, but there’s no conflicts that arise from it. It’s pretty clear throughout the whole show that, while you may not witness it, they are the only ones for each other. It’s an extremely lighthearted show that never fails to deliver a laugh but can maybe get your heart beating just a bit faster when it wants to.

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