Berserk 2016 Review

Anime: Berserk (2016)   Eps: 12

Eps: 12                               MyAnimeList Score: 6.7/10 (wow, how is it this high)

This show’s animation quality gets deeper under your skin than Griffith gets in Casca. With 10% more feeling. Watch unborn fetuses scraped out by an apostle’s hawk penis vs. humpty dumpty who wasn’t reassembled right fight to the death. This, all for the sake of a brain-dead girl whose only line is gurgling. Selfish bitches, prostitutes, and flesh eating cervix diseases galore, this will be the perfect show to watch with your hubby right after you tell him you just got back from his dad’s house and can’t date him anymore. Cry your eyes out at the mere sight of what they call shading lines as no facial expression in the show can actually be matched up to any human emotion I’ve ever seen.

You know this is a well-executed show when the soundtrack was designed to carry literally the entire season. Anytime the Black Swordsman’s name comes up you can expect a heavy metal song to drop and the roof to be raised or, at the very least, more people to be mercilessly chopped in half despite their families waiting for them back at home. Good thing the nobles kids could escape the regular army service, right?

Between human-goat demons (top half goat), cross-eyed horses, and a man who prays by slamming his entire face into the ground you can tell this is a quality watch.

The real story of the century is hidden within the depths of this show’s boring plot. Keep an eye on good ol’ Father Mozgus as he adopts 7 deformed children and wraps them in masks and suits so he no longer has to look at them. He gives them a new life and a chance at redemption, as long as they keep wearing the suits and masks to hide their hideously deformed, sickening bodies from Mozgus’ sight.

Even the finale gets Berserk fans excited for the end as they use the last $2.50 in their budget to change some of the characters’ faces, and only their faces, in certain scenes back to 2D.

With an already confirmed second season, one can only hope they choose to spend at least 20% of the upcoming months of production on animation. After releasing this season’s breakdown this may actually be possible if they choose to cut musical accompaniment down from its original 98.87% to a 98.85%.


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