Summer 2017 p. 3: Isekai Shokudou, Konbini Kareshi, Saiyuuki Reload Blast, 18if, Tsurezure Children, Love & Lies, Dive!!

This about wraps up what I will try to cover this season with a few exceptions here and there. Fate/Apocrypha is a whole other beast. If you haven’t watched any Fate you probably won’t start here and if you do watch them you’ll love this one too.

Isekai Shokudou. I can dig it. The opening sounds like a punchline for a shitty joke. “A lizard-man, God, a samurai, and a lion-man walk into a bar…” With almost no background yet, all I know is there’s a really chill chef that likes to cook and is good at it. He doesn’t care if his customers are humans, demons, dragons, lizard men, lion men, or whatever. I can see two paths for this and either one sounds good. I’m curious if they’ll focus more on the cooking and food or if they’ll focus on the customers and dynamics between them. Either way, I’ll definitely keep watching this. I like that he said ‘osomatsu’ to Aletta, his newly acquired demon waitress, because it reminded me of Souma from Food Wars. I’m also curious what the role the dragon lady plays because it looks like she cast a spell to protect the restaurant, chef, and waitress. Also, does Aletta know how dreams work? She walks in through a magically appearing door, eats the pot of food, and then goes to sleep… I don’t think any dream has ever worked like that. You don’t comment on how good food tastes in a dream.



Konbini Kareshi. Surprisingly ok. Overall, this looks to be kinda average but the first episode did a few things I really like. First, I like the landmark of the convenience store as the center of the story. Establishing romance, running there in the middle of the night, and meeting up there with friends I think is a good way to cement everything together. Also, I respect the bromance between Haruki and Towa. I miss that kind of relatable friendship in anime. That friend you had for so long that they would, more or less, break-in to your house and were as much a part of your family as your actual family. The playful, teasing friendship was a delight. But yeah, this looks completely average as far as actual characters and plot go. It literally had a 1:47 running scene as the opening shot. It looks like 8 students will make up the show, so maybe it will become more interesting as time goes on. Maybe not. Probably not.



Saiyuuki Reload Blast. Never watched the original. Getting a Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin feeling from it. I have so little to say. Human-demon relations have broken down and a group of 4 vagabonds tour the country helping people along the way. Armed with a staff, a weird crescent moon blade-chain thing, and a silver pistol. Oh, and a fucking dragon. I thought it was… oddly specific, modern commentary that Shangri-la, a utopia of science and magic between humans and demons, was completely destroyed by the ‘negative aura’ of the West. You, uh, you trying to tell me something, Japan? Something you need to get off your chest? I also thought it was funny how hard they tried to push that this may be a reboot with new animations but that it’s still the same show. Three different times you hear them mention how everything is the same as it’s always been. Villains stay the same, hearts stay the same, and they sure as hell stay the same too. Thanks for the reminders, Saiyuuki squad. This will be just an exciting action show and that’s about all I want from it.

Saiyuki 2

18if. I know I mentioned that Aletta from Isekai Shokudou didn’t know how a dream worked earlier. Well, Haruto seems to have that shit locked down. He gets attacked, turned into a bear, has his arm cut off, and then his head. He doesn’t bat an eye. I can’t say I like this show, but I appreciate some of the things it does. For example, some of the scene choices are very interesting (I’ll put a picture below) and the backgrounds are incredibly colorful and inviting. Maybe it’s just the headphones around his neck, but the color scheme and Haruto remind me a bit of Nice from Hamatora. Oh, also, I have no idea what’s happening. The whole episode is in a dream where a girl who was bullied at school has decided to sleep forever. As a result, she became a witch. Haruto just wants his limbs to stop being cut-off so him, a cat (who’s a dream researcher), and a girl named Lily that only Haruto can see force the girl to wake up so she can continue her life. Or something. I really don’t know.




Tsurezure Children. Holy shit, I didn’t think it was possible to squeeze so much into a 12-minute episode. The OP features about 20 different people and in episode 1 we witness 4 couples getting together, more or less. Each person has a completely separate personality, too. Let the records show that episode 1 featured: an airhead, an average student looking for love who overthinks everything, a straight-edged shy student, a ‘free-spirit’ slacker, a fake delinquent, a bookworm science guy (maybe even a sociopath), a flirty kouhai who keeps making a joke out of her love, and an honest senpai who loves astronomy. Whew, that’s a long list. I really did like this though. The romances ranged from complete comedy to a serious tone. It seems like a fun, casual ride.



Love & Lies. A valiant attempt, maybe even a threat, for Japanese youth to start makin’ them babies and stabilize the birth rate. ‘Oh, you don’t want to. Here’s an anime that may or may not show what’ll happen if you don’t get your shit together.’ At age 16, everyone gets a notification from the government telling them who they WILL marry. It’s an absolute. The marriages are based on the goals of the students and genetics. Within the program the birth rate has stabilized, everyone is more intelligent, and also statistically happier. Sounds great. Unless you find out the girl you’ve loved for 5 years is not your match… To be fair though, I thought this was so stupid, HE ONLY LOVED HER BECAUSE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HE HANDED HIS ERASER TO HER WHEN SHE DROPPED HERS. She whispered ‘thank you’ and apparently that stole his heart for five years. Fucking really? The worst part is, she loved him too. She actually loved him because of that same moment in elementary school. It took him 4 periods to build up the courage to give her his eraser. I can’t even think of what else to say. It doesn’t look like a bad romance idea. The concept looks potentially incredible and, at the very least, is something I’ve never seen before. It’s just gonna take me some time to get over that stupid intro.



Dive!! I don’t want to try diving after watching the first episode. That is this show’s downfall. Ballroom, Haikyu, Kuroko no Basket, and Free. What they had in common for me was that I wanted to try each of them after watching even one episode. The plot is a mix of Free! and Love Live. The diving I’ve seen is executed very poorly and doesn’t make me want to watch. Not to say it’s inaccurate, but there’s a certain finesse you have to have. The diving team has to make it to the Tokyo Olympics in order to avoid their school being shut down. This episode was mostly backstory about how the main character, Tomoki, got into diving and that’s fine. There was just no incentive for me to watch the next episode based on what I saw. I know why he likes it, but I don’t care. Also, Tomoki really seems like a tool. First, he accepts a girl’s confession even though he didn’t like her at all. Fine, he had anxiety. Still a dick move. Then, I swear, there was literally a scene where they’re walking alone and she’s talking about her day and asking him questions and he’s completely ignoring her. I get being really into a sport and being passionate about it, but he just comes off as an elitist asshole. I felt bad for the girl. There’s enough room for me to guess that he might actually be gay. He lights up when he sees his diving-senpai, which isn’t uncommon but it feels special in this show. Oh well, I’ll be sticking to the ballroom floor this season.




That sums up my watch list. I left out a few here and there, but this is a good enough chunk. New Game!! and a few others I have my eye on aren’t even out yet so nothing I can really do. Hopefully the bad ones will improve and the good ones will stay good!

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