Summer 2017 Part 1: Netsuzou TRap, Aho Girl, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, Fastest Finger First

I’ll be doing these in chunks. I’m surprisingly not opinionated enough to make a separate post about each one. There are only 1-2 episodes of each after all. Let’s jump in!

Netsuzou TRap. I heard a lot of hate coming its way. Why the fuck? It’s dark romance (the capitals of the show spell out NTR) that is both yuri¬†and guy-girl. The vibe I got from episode one was VERY similar to Scum’s Wish. The forecast looks like lots of jealousy, passion, and rage. The episodes are only 9 minutes it looks like so I think the dynamics between the 4 friends will develop fast and heavy. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Aho Girl, to me, is the fucking perfect formula for comedy. 12 minute episodes that consist of PURE INSANITY. A complete idiot, her straight-laced partner, and an innocent, gullible classmate. It’s possible this humor runs dry very fast but, for now, I think it’s hilarious. It’s very reminiscent of Seitokai Yakuindomo and D-Frag (to a lesser extent). Maybe tone down the banana jokes eventually, right?

Fox Spirit Matchmaker is already on thin ice. I like the opening in Chinese, but that’s about where my likes end. It seems very much like Spirit Pact to me. Which is not a good sign. Fox spirit is a failure to rest of clan so she’s sent off to an arranged marriage. Dude she’s supposed to marry is poor and always hungry and always looking for food. They meet by accident even though she doesn’t want to marry him, form an instant connection. Blegh. This show is like Spirit Pact mixed with Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor. NO PICTURES FOR YOU! I’ll have you know this show used a god damn diamond transition scene in one part of the show. WAS THIS EDITED IN MICROSOFT MOVIE MAKER!?


Fox Matchmaker diamonds

Maybe a rich life is waiting for you, but definitely not the producers of this show.


Fastest Finger First seemed like it was gonna be lame and it very well might be. The first episode surpassed my expectations though. Roped into joining a quiz association because he’s too untalented to play sports, Koshiyama has the intelligence but not the know-how. And by know-how, I literally mean reading the rhythms of the quiz questions so you can answer the question before it’s done being asked. It’s absolutely ridiculous. But I love it…



Well, that’s it for now. I’ll probably watch some more and do a part 2 sometime this weekend.

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