Soooo… Kakegurui is Anime of the Year, Right?

First episodes mean nothing in anime. Entire plots, even genres are susceptible to change within the first few episodes. Generally, I give a show the good ol’ 4 episode rule to reel me in. This rule was decidedly agreed upon after watching Madoka Magica.

That being said, consider me in like Flynn because this show is going to be anime of the year.

First thing that drew me in (besides the really great OP)? The sounds. The shuffle of a full house from hand to the table was the crispest thing I think I’ve ever heard. Teeth gnash together more fiercely than I ever thought it could.

Details put in with obvious care on the patterns of the pants and skirts of the school uniforms, in the contorted faces of the students (god damn Mary, chill out with those fucking faces), and in the construction of the eyes. Below, you can observe chill Mary on the left and ‘You better hide your kids’ Mary on the right as well as some of the most gorgeous eyes ever.


kakegurui skirts.png

Look at this design! I love it.

This anime feels like it’s the psychology of No Game No Life but with a little more luck, the eye colors of Kuroko no Basket and with the quality of Attack on Titan S2, and the sound details from One Piece. I don’t think I will ever forget how cool the spring tightening sound Bellamy makes is.

The voice actors are great too. Hearing Miyuki from Irregular at Magic High School go from a cute, innocent sister to a beautiful, demonic gambler is amazing. Especially since she’s polite in both roles, using the formal tone which really hides her darker side.

AND THIS IS EPISODE ONE. I’m calling it now. AOTY.

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