Glasslip Review

Genre: Romance, Comedy? Slice of life??

Episodes: 13      MyAnimeList Score: 5.54

TL;DR Watch along as five children pretend they understand life and make terrible decisions about things that don’t even really matter, with a chicken.


What the tim-tam, slim-slam thank you ma’m just happened? I’ll tell you what just happened. Remember that teenage cesspool of depression and lies high-school? Me neither. Who’s bitter? I’m not. Wanna fight about it? Well, this show dredges up all of those godforsaken shit sundae memories and tops it off with shit sprinkles, 2/5 kids with the ability to see into the future. Probably. Maybe not. But there’s a chance it’s true. The lack of explanation makes it difficult to understand. Some people forget that to think logically you sometimes have to use logical thinking.

Remember the days when people answered your questions. Well, forget that. That’s old news. Instead, just turn your head and jump cut. Saves money, saves time, saves me from developing any sort of emotional attachment or closure at the end of the show. After all, who could forget these magical conversations. “I love you.” Awkward pause. “Thank you.” Girl proceeds to run away.

There were good parts though. Those damn pet chickens kept tugging at my heartstrings. Four of the five pet chickens at the high-school are named after philosophers. Even though Jonathon was named after an adventurer, did he give up? Hell no! He may be a chicken, but he’s no coward when it comes to facing destiny. This subplot takes over the main story pretty early in the show as burning questions are left in the viewer’s mind. Will the chickens get the coop? Will Jonathon ever get the spinoff adventure we all know he deserves? Sadly, these questions are never answered but replaced with the mundane boring questions no one cares about like, can these kids actually see into the future?, Why does this boy have 3 imaginary friends when I only had one? Or Did this girl just hallucinate the entire show and we are only seeing a figment of her imagination?

Overall, quality show. 10/10 would watch Jonathon Chickenstar again.

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